About the artist

I got my very prestigious start in drawing by copying illustrations from Pokémon picture books as a child. In high school, I started getting into drawing manga and comics, and I also started playing Dungeons & Dragons, which has been a huge source of artistic inspiration for me. In college I started getting my first commissions from my friends.

Today, I make artwork inspired by my favorite games, manga series, and my everyday life experiences. My love of fun stories is why I specialize in drawing characters; I want to give life to the characters that get to experience the great adventures they are a part of! A goal of mine is to someday work on art for a video game, and also to publish a comic.

My most notable clients have been Twitch partners frozenflygone and carrarium, for whom I've made emotes and brand imagery which are used and enjoyed by their combined 13,400 followers! In addition, I've been featured as an artist on GamesDoneQuick, where I streamed live on their show to make a timed illustration of viewer's favorite game characters.

Past commissioned work: