About the artist

I got my very elite start in drawing by copying illustrations from Pokémon picture books as a child. From then on it got more serious and prestigious in middle school, as my friends and I drew anime girls with hair covering one eye and wolves with magical elemental powers.

In high school and college, I started getting into drawing manga and comics, and I also started playing Dungeons & Dragons, which has been a huge source of artistic inspiration for me. I also started getting my first commissions, drawing characters and tattoo designs for friends.

Today, I make artwork inspired by my favorite D&D games, video games, anime, and my everyday life experiences with my friends and work. I make emotes for Twitch channels and Discord servers and do some art streaming on Twitch myself. A goal of mine is to someday work on art for a video game, and also to publish a comic.

Past commissioned work:

  • Portraits

  • Twitch emotes and panels

  • Social media logos/avatars

  • Character designs

  • Album cover art

  • Tattoo designs